Ancient Path Malawi

Ancient Path is a non-profit arts and compassion organization founded in 1998 to incite compassion, hope, and inspire action. For nearly two decades, Ancient Path has used the arts to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ and to lift the heads of the oppressed and marginalized here in the US and in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

But they are not only an arts organization. In Kaliyeka Township, Malawi, Africa, we estimate that over 450 people come to Ancient Path weekly to participate in various programs – adult education, arts training, vocational training, academic tutoring, Ancient Path Academy (a pre-school and primary school), High School Scholarships, Ancient Path Kids (a feeding and basic care program for 200 children), and Ancient Path Community, our discipleship program that reaches the entire community and beyond.

In addition, Ancient Path has an arts training and discipleship program at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, 45 minutes away from Kaliyeka. The team there is currently preparing to perform The Story of Love in this camp of 30,000 people and in Malawian villages outside of the camp. Translated into Swahili and Chichewa and adapted to their cultures, these young people will tell the story of God’s unfailing love, from creation to redemption, through music, dance, drumming, and drama.

At Ancient Path, we aim to follow the way of Jesus, to be His hands and feet as we carry his hope and beauty into a hurting world.