Benjamin and Nuanjan Vang – Hmong Ministry

Benjamin Vang was called to serve God and went to study the Bible in the Bangkok Bible Seminary in Bangkok, Thailand from 1992 to 1996. There he met his future wife Nuanjan and married her in April 1995. After Benjamin graduated from Bangkok Bible Seminary, he and his wife came back to Minnesota to continue his Bible study in a Missiology program at Crown College and he graduated in 2000.

During Benjamin’s four years at the Bible College in Thailand, he had ministered to the Hmong people in Southeast Asia for Christ. During those 10 years, Benjamin and Nuanjan were in the United States, they also kept going back to Southeast Asia for leadership training to the church leaders two or three times per year. Nuanjan and Benjamin had prayed that in there would be a way or organization that God could send them to Southeast Asia. Then finally the Lord brought them to partner with EFCA and to minister through the EFCA organization for ten years.